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Humber Scout Car


At the beginning of World War 2, it became clear that Daimler did not have the capacity to fill the British need for armored cars with their Daimler Scout Car. Humber, which was already producing the Humber Light Reconnaissance Car, submitted the Humber Scout Car design. The Humber Scout Car had similar specifications to the Daimler Scout Car. Its armament was interesting, in that its roof-mounted machine gun was remote controlled from inside the vehicle.

Despite being considered inferior to the Daimler Scout Car, a total of 4102 Humber Scout Cars were produced between 1942 and 1945. Of these, 1698 were the Mk I, and the rest Mk II. The main differences between the were automotive.

During World War 2, Humber Scout Cars were given to the Polish and Czechoslovak free forces. After the war, many Western European countries used the Humber Scout Car until the late fifties.

Technical Details

Humber Scout Car
Crew 2
Physical Characteristics
Weight 2.4 t
Length 3.83 m
Width 1.87 m
Height 2.13 m
Armour (max) 14 mm
Speed (max) 100 km/h
Primary weapon .303 cal. Bren Machine Gun (2)


Front and right side of a Humber Scout Car.

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