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Straussler V-4


The Straussler V-4 was a light tank, designed by Nicholas Straussler, based on the earlier Straussler V-3, but using a more powerful engine. Like the V-3, the V-4 was designed to be able to drive both with and without tracks, similar to the Soviet BT tank series. The design was ready in 1936, and the first prototype was manufactured in 1937.

During trials in 1937, a number of technical problems were revealed, and despite favorable reviews, the Hungarian army ultimately preferred the Landsverk L-60. The Landsverk L-60 was later license-built by Hungary as the Toldi. A further three prototypes were build, which were evaluated by other countries. The V-4 never went into production, but some of the experiences were used builting the Toldi.

Technical Details

Straussler V-4
Crew 3
Physical Characteristics
Weight 9 t
Length 3.64 m
Width 2.31 m
Height 2.01 m
  • Front: 23 mm
  • Sides and rear: 13 mm
  • Roof and floor: 9 mm
Speed (max) 45 km/h
Engine Weiss Manfréd V-OHC
Net h.p. 180
Primary weapon 37M 40 mm (1)
Secondary weapon Gebauer 34/37M (2)


Black and white photograph of a Straussler V-4.

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