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Medium Tank, M4


The Medium Tank, M4 was the most common tank used by the Western Allies during World War II. It replaced the Medium Tank, M3 as the standard medium tank of the US Army. Versions of the Medium Tank, M4 was used by the British (who used the name Sherman, which was not officially used by the US during the war) and Canada (under the name Cruiser Tank Ram.

A specialised version of the Medium Tank, M4, which was able to "drive" on water, was used during the Normandy landings, which is detailed in the DD Tanks on D-Day article.

Technical Details

  M4 M4 (105 mm) M4 (76 mm)
Crew 5
Physical Characteristics
Weight 30.7 t 33 t 30.7 t
Length 6.16 m
Width 2.67 m
Height 2.79 m
Armour (max) 85 mm - mm 85 mm
Armour (range) - mm 20-65 mm - mm
Speed (max) 39 km/h 40 km/h 39 km/h
Primary weapon 75 mm Gun, M3 (1) 105 mm Howitzer, M4 (1) 76 mm Gun, M1 (1)
Secondary weapon
  • .50 cal. Browning Machine Gun (1)
  • .30 cal. Browning Machine Gun (2)


Side view drawing of a Medium Tank, M4A2 or M4A3 (early)
Side view drawing of a Medium Tank, M4A2 or M4A3 (early)
M4 Dozor, based on the Medium Tank, M4 chassis
Front and left side view of a Medium Tank, M4A1
Medium Tank, M4A3 (76 mm) with T1E4 Mine Exploded
Column of Medium Tank, M4A2s
Medium Tank, M4A1 (76 mm)
Medium Tank, M4A3 (105 mm)

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