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Medium Tank, M2


Developed as an infantry support tank, the Medium Tank, M2 was developed from the Light Tank, M2. The two designs shared both many components, and had design similarities. Most notably, the Medium Tank, M2 had a large number of machine guns. The Medium Tank, M2 was too heavy for the 250 HP engine of the Light Tank, M2. An improved version, the Medium Tank, M2A1, was design. In addition to a 400 HP engine, it had thicker armour than the original design.

The Medium Tank, M2 had already been ordered into production in 1940, when it became clear that it would be out-gunned by the German Pz Kpfw III and Pz Kpfw IV. In response, it was required that the future US medium tank should mount a 75 mm gun. The turret ring diameter of the Medium Tank, M2 was too small to house a 75 mm gun. Therefore, the Medium Tank, M3, based on the Medium Tank, M2, with a hull-mounted 75 mm gun, was made.

A total of 94 Medium Tank, M2's were built, which were used for training and tests. A prototype variant carrying a flamethrower in the tank turret was also made.

Technical Details

  M2 M2A1
  • Commander
  • Driver
  • Gunners (4)
Physical Characteristics
Weight 17.24 t 21.34 t
Length 5.33 m
Width 2.59 m
Height 2.86 m 2.82 m
Armour (range) 9.5-25 mm 9.5-32 mm
Speed (max) 42 km/h
Primary weapon 37 mm M6 (1)
Secondary weapon .30 cal. Browning Machine Gun (8)

Further Reading


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