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Light Tank, M22


The Light Tank, M22 was designed to make an air carriable vehicle with the firepower of a light tank (weighing only about half of a Light Tank, M5A1 and with a considerably smaller profile af well). To acheive this, however, armour protection was only about half of that of the Light Tank, M5A1 and the ammunition storage was only one third of the Light Tank, M5A1.

The Light Tank, M22 was initiated in 1941-05 (under the name development name Light Tank, T9, later Light Tank, T9E1), but didn't enter standartisation until 1944-09, when it was classified as a limited standard.

Technical Details

Light Tank, M22
Crew 3
Physical Characteristics
Weight 7.26 t
Length 3.94 m
Width 2.23 m
Height 1.74 m
Armour (range) 10-25 mm
Speed (max) 56 km/h
Primary weapon 37 mm tank gun (1)
Secondary weapon .30 cal. Browning Machine Gun (1)


Side view of a Light Tank, M22
Light Tank, M22 leaving a transport aircraft

Further Reading


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