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The DUKW, nicknamed Duck by the troops, was an amphibious truck, able to operate fully as both a ship (with a maximum speed of 9,7 km/h) and regular normal truck.

While most famously used during the landings in Normandy on D-Day (also see the DD Tanks on D-Day article), the DUKW was also used in previous operations in both Europe and the Pacific, including Operation Torch in North Africa and Operation Husky on Sicily.

The DUKW was still used by the US Army as late as the Korean War.

Technical Details

Crew 2
Physical Characteristics
Weight 2.45 t
Length 9.75 m
Width 2.51 m
Height 2.69 m
Speed (max) 80 km/h


Frontal view of a DUKW
Rear view

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