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The Sherman was the British name for the US Medium Tank, M4. Several versions were made, and were named according to the Medium Tank, M4 version they were based on and its armament and suspension.

The list below only lists the versions which were used in combat by British forces. Several other combinations were planned. In addition, some Canadian Sherman IIs were re-armed with the 17 pdr, technically making them Sherman IICs. These Canadian Shermans were only used for training purposes, however. The Sherman VI designation, like the Medium Tank, M4A5 designation, was reserved for the Canadian Cruiser Tank Ram.

US version UK designation
Medium Tank, M4 Sherman I
Medium Tank, M4 (105 mm) Sherman IB
Medium Tank, M4 (105 mm), HVSS Sherman IBY
Medium Tank, M4
(Re-armed with 17 pdr)
Sherman IC
Medium Tank, M4
(Cast front and welded rear)
Sherman Hybrid I
Medium Tank, M4
(Cast front and welded rear,
re-armed with 17 pdr)
Sherman Hybrid IC
Medium Tank, M4A1 Sherman II
Medium Tank, M4A1 (76 mm) Sherman IIA
Medium Tank, M4A1 (76 mm), HVSS Sherman IIAY
Medium Tank, M4A2 Sherman III
Medium Tank, M4A2 (76 mm) Sherman IIIA
Medium Tank, M4A2 (76 mm), HVSS Sherman IIIAY
Medium Tank, M4A3 (76 mm) Sherman IVA
Medium Tank, M4A3 (105 mm) Sherman IVB
Medium Tank, M4A3 (105 mm), HVSS Sherman IVBY
Medium Tank, M4A4 Sherman V
Medium Tank, M4A4
(Re-armed with 17 pdr)
Sherman VC
Medium Tank, M4A6 Sherman VII

The Sherman VC, unofficially named Firefly, is no doubt the best known Sherman variant. It had the powerful British 17 pdr (76,2 mm) tank gun, capable of going up against the armour of any German tank. A total of 2348 Sherman VCs were made, out of a total of 17 000 Sherman tanks delivered by the US to the UK under the Lend-Lease act.

During the battle of Villers-Boccage in Normandy in 1944, it was a Sherman VC which forced the infamous Tiger commander Michael Wittmann to retreat after entering the village.

Technical Details

Crew 5
Physical Characteristics
Weight 32.2 t
Length 7.52 m
Width 2.68 m
Height 3.25 m
Armour (max) 85 mm
Speed (max) 47 km/h
Primary weapon QF 17 pdr (1)


Sherman II In North Africa
Sherman VC "Firefly" in German service
This Sherman VC is covered in spare track links, for added protection against German anti-tank weapons
Another photograph of the Sherman VC in German service

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