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Morris C8


The Morris C8, nicknamed Quad, was designed as a field artillery tractor to replace the ageing Morris CDSW. The small, light steel-body 4x4 truck was used to tow a wide variety of British artillery, such as the QF 18 pdr and QF 25 pdr howitzers, and the QF 6 pdr and QF 17 pdr anti-tank guns. Production started in 1939, and continued until 1945, with about 10 200 being built in total. In 1944, a 15 cwt truck version, the Morris C8 GS, some of which had the steel body replaced with a wooden one, was designed and built.

The Morris C8 served on all fronts with the British field artillery regiments, with 36 trucks assigned to each regiment. After World War 2, the Morris C8 was used by the British army until 1959, and was used by other European countries as well.

Technical Details

Morris C8
  • Driver
  • Passengers (5)
Physical Characteristics
Weight 5.645 t
Length 4.49 m
Width 2.28 m
Height 2.36 m
Speed (max) 80 km/h
Engine Morris EH
Net h.p. 70
Cylinders 4
Displacement 3.519 cc


Front and left side view of a Morris C8 "Quad"

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