Infantry Tank Mk IV "Churchill"

Technical details
Crew 5
Physical characteristics
Weight 40,64 t
Length 7,44 m
Width 2,43 m
Height 3,45 m
Armour (range) 16 - 102 mm
Maximum speed 20 km/h
Main weapon 75 mm tank gun
Secondary weapon 7,62 mm machine gun
Drawing of a Churchill VII
Left side view of a Churchill VIII (with 95 mm howitzer)
Column of Churchill I and IIs (the Churchill Is have 76,2 mm (3 inch) howitzers in the hull)
Churchill AVRE with SBG bridge (on the left) and Churchill AVRE
Churchill III in German service
Column of Churchill VIIs, struggling through a muddy, country road
Top view of a Churchill VII

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