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Humber Trucks


Civilian car manufacturer Humber also manufactured two 8 cwt vehicles that were used by the British military throughout World War 2.

The Humber Super Snipe from 1938, was based on the civilian Humber Snipe chassis, using a more powerful engine taken from the Humber Pullman. The car was originally build for civilian used, but was adopted by the British military as a staff car in 1939.

The Humber FWD Heavy Utility Car was a continuation of the Super Snipe, using the same engine, but introducing 4x4 drive. In addition to being used as a GS (general service) truck, it was also used as an FFW (fitted for wireless) truck and an ambulance. The chassis of the Humber FWD was furthermore used for the Humber Light Reconnaissance Car.

Technical Details

  FWD Super Snipe
  • Driver
Physical Characteristics
Weight 2.41 t - t
Length 4.29 m 4.445 m
Width 1.88 m 1.778 m
Height 1.96 m - m
Speed (max) 75 km/h 127 km/h
Engine Humber
Net h.p. 100
Cylinders 6
Displacement 4086 cc


Side view of a Humber FWD Heavy Utility Car

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