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Cruiser Tank, Centurion (A41)


20 Centurion Is were produced, with various changes especially the secondary armament, before the production version - the Centurion II (A41A) - was initiated in January 1945. The secondary armament of the Centurion I was:

Furthermore, the last five vehicles were equipped with a Powerflow gearbox and the 77 mm tank gun of the Comet, and were designated A41S. The Centurion II had a cast turret, additional armour and other minor changes.

The first six Centurion Is were shipped to Germany, but arrived too late to see any action.

Photographs provided by Brian.S711.

Technical Details

Cruiser Tank, Centurion (A41)
Crew 4
Physical Characteristics
Weight 48.77 t
Length 7.67 m
Width 3.35 m
Height 2.95 m
Armour (range) 17-152 mm
Speed (max) 34.45 km/h
Primary weapon QF 17 pdr (1)
Secondary weapon Besa 7.92 mm machine gun (2)


Right side of a Cruiser Tank "Centurion II"
Front and left view of a Centurion II
Front and left view of a Centurion I (with a 20 mm Polsten cannon)

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