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Amphibious Light Tank, L1E3


The Light Amphibious Tank, L1E3 was designed in 1939 by Vickers. It was based on previous experiements by Vickers in the early thirties to make an amphibious light tanks, the Amphibious Light Tank, A4. The basic design of the tank closely resembled Vickers' regular light tanks, but it was equipped with aluminium sponsons filled with kapok. In addition, its road wheels were hollow, to further improve flotation. When sailing, the tank was driven by two rear-mounted propellers, driven by the main engine. While extensively tested both before and after the war, the L1E3 never saw series production or combat.

Technical Details

Amphibious Light Tank, L1E3
Crew 2
Physical Characteristics
Weight 4.3 t
Armour (max) 11 mm
Speed (max) 51.5 km/h
Primary weapon .303 cal. Vickers Machine Gun (1)


Front and right side of a LIE 3
Rear and right side

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