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The T-26 was a license-build version of the British Vickers 6-Ton, which also inspired the Polish 7TP and the US Light Tank, M2. Both a single-turreted and a twin-turreted version existed, but the single-turreted version was by far the most common. The turret of the single-turreted version was shared with the BT-5 fast tank, and the T-35 heavy tank.

The Soviet Union had large quantities of the T-26 at the beginning of the German invasion in 1941, but its thin armour proved too vulnerable to pose a serious threat.

Germany captured relatively large quantities of the T-26 during Barbarossa, which were issued to police units for use in anti-partisan warfare.

Technical Details

Crew 3
Physical Characteristics
Weight 10.5 t
Length 4.88 m
Width 3.41 m
Height 2.41 m
Armour (max) 15 mm
Speed (max) 30 km/h
Primary weapon 45 mm Tank Gun Model 1932/38 (1)


Left side of a T-26
T-26 climbing a hill
Camouflaged T-26
In German service

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