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Samochód Pancerny Wz. 29


The Samochód Pancerny Wz. 29 armoured car was based on the modified chassis of the Italian SPA 25C commercial truck (called Ursus in Polish service, after the name of the factory that modified the truck). It was designed in 1929 for the Polish cavaldy, and was intended to replace the Wz. 28 half-track armoured car.

While quite heavily armed for its time, the Wz. 29's chassis was over-stressed and its engine under-powered by the weight of the armour, resulting in a low maximum speed and poor off-road performance. As a result of these deficiences, only ten Wz. 29 armoured cars were build.

Despite its obsolete design, the Wz. 29 proved capable of going up against German Pz Kpfw I's and armoured cars during the German invasion of Poland. About six Wz. 29 were lost in action before the Polish surrender.

Technical Details

Samochód Pancerny Wz. 29
Crew 4
Physical Characteristics
Weight 4.8 t
Length 5.15 m
Width 1.85 m
Height 2.475 m
Armour (range) 4-10 mm
Speed (max) 35 km/h
Primary weapon 37 mm SA18 (1)
Secondary weapon 8 mm Hotchkiss M1914 (2)


Rear photograph of a Wz. 29 Ursus, showing the rear-mounted machine gun.

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