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In the early thirties, the Polish army sought to replace its ageing Citroën-Kegresse half-track artillery tractors. It was decided to base the design on the cheap and reliable 7TP light tank chassis. The turret and superstructure were removed, and a large crew compartment and winch was installed.

In addition to being used as an artillery tractor, primarily for the 220 mm wz. 32 heavy mortar, the C7P was used as an armoured recovery vehicle for 7TP and Vickers 6 ton tank units. 151 C7P's had been produced by the time Germany invaded Poland. Production continued until 1942, producing 52 more vehicles. The C7P's were used both by the German occupation forces and for civilian duties during the war, mainly as snowplows.

Technical Details

  • Driver
  • Passengers (7)
Physical Characteristics
Weight 8.5 t
Length 4.6 m
Width 2.4 m
Height 2.4 m
Speed (max) 26 km/h
Engine PZInź. 235
Net h.p. 115
Cylinders 6
Displacement 8550 cc


C7P towing a 220 mm wz. 32 mortar.
C7P crossing a bridge.
An interesting photograph of a C7P driving onto a railroad car, giving a good view of the camouflage.

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