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Type 97 "Chi-Ha"


The Chi-Ha was the most common Japanse medium tank of World War II. Due to its lack of a powerful main gun, it was no match for the US Medium Tank, M4.

The Shinhoto Chi-Ha was an upgraded version of the Chi-Ha, which had re-designed turret to fit a new gun. A total of 2208 Chi-Ha and Shinhoto Chi-Ha were made.

The Chi-Ha was replaced by the Type 1 "Chi-He".

Technical Details

  Chi-Ha Shinhoto Chi-Ha
Crew 4
Physical Characteristics
Weight 15 t 15.8 t
Length 5.55 m
Width 2.33 m
Height 2.28 m 2.38 m
Armour (range) 20-25 mm
Speed (max) 38 km/h
Primary weapon Type 97 57 mm (1) Type 1 47 mm (1)
Secondary weapon Type 97 7,7 mm (2)


Photographs and some information provided by Takashi Tamane.

Drawing of a Chi-Ha.
Profile view of a Chi-Ha.
Top view of a Chi-Ha.
Captured Chi-Ha
Large column of Chi-Has
Good view of the rivets of a Chi-Ha
Good view of the camouflage and insignia of a Chi-Ha
Profile photograph of a Chi-Ha Kai, showing the right side
Left side profile photograph, clearly showing the rearwards-pointing machine gun
Chi-Ha Kai driving up a hill
Captured Chi-Ha Kai, with a good view of the engine deck
Same vehicle as above, seen from the front

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