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Semovente 47/32


The Semovente 47/32 self-propelled gun was based on the L6/40 light tank chassis. It traded a rotatable turret for a more powerful gun.

The Semovente 47/32 entered service in 1942, but was outdated from the beginning. Its main opponent, the British Crusader, could take on the Semovente 47/32 head-on at about 900 metres, while the Semovente 47/32 had to get within about 500 metres to engage the Crusader. A total of about 280 were manufactured.

Despite its shortcomings, the Semovente 47/32 continued to remain in service throughout the war. When Italy surrendered in 1943, the remaining vehicles were taken over by German, who gave some to Croatia.

Technical Details

Semovente 47/32
  • Commander/gunner
  • Loader
  • Driver
Physical Characteristics
Weight 6.4 t
Length 3.78 m
Width 1.92 m
Height 1.63 m
Armour (range) 6-30 mm
Speed (max) 42 km/h
Engine Fiat SPA 18D
Net h.p. 68
Cylinders 4
Primary weapon 47 mm Cannone da 47/32 M35 (1)
Secondary weapon 8 mm Breda (1)

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