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Carro Armato P 40


When the Carro Armato P 40 was first designed in 1940, it was a modern tank, largely comparable in armament and armor to the German Pz Kpfw IV. Due to difficulties designing a sufficiently powerful engine, however, a prototype was not completed until 1942. By then, the design itself, despite increased armour, was becoming obsolete. Nevertheless, compared to contemporary Italian tanks, namely the Carro Armato M13/40 and Carro Armato M14/41, it was a significant improvement.

Production did not begin until 1943, and only five tanks were many before Italy surrendered. Germany continued making the P 40, producing about 100 more before production stopped in 1944.

Technical Details

Carro Armato P 40
  • Commander/gunner
  • Loader
  • Driver
  • Radio operator
Physical Characteristics
Weight 26 t
Length 5.8 m
Width 2.8 m
Height 2.5 m
Armour (range) 14-50 mm
Speed (max) 40 km/h
Engine SPA 342
Net h.p. 330
Cylinders 12
Primary weapon 75 mm L/34 (1)
Secondary weapon 8 mm Breda Modello 38 (2)


Drawing of a P 40

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