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Originally designated Carro Veloce CV-35, the L3/35 was an improved version of the L3/33, designed in 1935. The 6,5 mm machine gun was upgraded to two 8 mm machine guns, and the armour was bolted rather than riveted.

Despite its weak armour and armament, the L3/35 continued to serve until the end of World War 2 in both North Africa and Europe. Aside from Italy, the L3/35 was also used by:

A number of L3/35's were equipped with a Solothurn 20 mm anti-tank rifle in place of the two 8 mm Breda machine guns, to improve its anti-tank capabilities, after experiences with a similar conversion on the German Pz Kpfw I during the Spanish Civil War.

Eventually, the L3/35 was improved with the L3/38, the final tank in the series.

Technical Details

  • Commander/gunner
  • Driver
Physical Characteristics
Weight 3.2 t
Length 3.17 m
Width 1.4 m
Height 1.28 m
Armour (range) 6-14 mm
Speed (max) 42 km/h
Engine Fiat SPA CV3
Net h.p. 43
Cylinders 4
Primary weapon 8 mm Breda (2)


Profile view of an L3/35 with 20 mm anti-tank rifle
L3/35 with dual 8 mm machine guns
Profile view of an L3/35

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