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41M Turán II


Even before the first unit had received the 40M Turán I, Hungarian tank designers realised that its 40 mm gun was too weak to deal with contemporary Russian tanks. Using the chassis of the 40M Turán I, a more powerful 75 mm tank gun was installed in a new, larger turret. Due to the limitations of the turret ring diameter of the chassis, however, only a short, low-velocity gun could be fitted. Thus, like its predecessor, the 41M Turán II was still incapable to going up against the Russian T-34.

A total of 139 tanks were built before production ceased. A more powerful version, the 43M Turán III, equipped with a long 75 mm gun, was planned. By the time Hungary was occupied by Germany, however, only a prototype had been made.

Technical Details

41M Turán II
Crew 5
Physical Characteristics
Weight 18.5 t
Length 5.68 m
Width 2.54 m
Height 2.33 m
Armour (range) 14-50 mm
Speed (max) 47 km/h
Engine Manfred Weiss-Z
Net h.p. 260
Cylinders 8
Primary weapon 41M 75 mm (1)
Secondary weapon 7.92 mm machine gun (2)


Black and white photograph of a 41M Turán II crossing a river.

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