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39M Csaba


The 39M Csaba armored car was designed by Nicholas Straussler. Straussler is best known as the designer of the Duplex Drive (DD) system, used during the D-Day invasion. Straussler, a Hungarian living in the United Kingdom, also designed a number of other military vehicles for both the UK and Hungary.

The 39M Csaba was designed in 1939, based on the Alvis AC2 armored car. It was designed both as a combat and reconnaissance vehicle. Both armor, armament, and performance was similar to comtemporary armored cars, but the automotive design was complicated, making the vehicle difficult to maintain. About 150 39M Csaba were manufactured. Of these, 30 were 40M command vehicles, which had two radios in stead of the main gun. The vehicles served on the Eastern Front throughout the war.

Technical Details

39M Csaba
Crew 4
Physical Characteristics
Weight 5.95 t
Length 4.52 m
Width 2.1 m
Height 2.33 m
Armour (max) 9 mm
Speed (max) 65 km/h
Primary weapon Solothurn S-18/1000 (1)
Secondary weapon Gebauer 34/37M (2)


Black and white photograph of two 39M Csabas.

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