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Panzerjäger I


Based on the Pz Kpfw I chassis, the Panzerjäger I provided Germany with a mobile anti-tank gun in the early war years. It was equipped with the Czechoslovakian 47 mm kanon P.U.V. vz. 36, which was superior to the contemporary German standard anti-tank gun, the 3,7 cm Pak 36.

The Panzerjäger I served in France, the Balkans, North Africa and on the Eastern Front. It was successfully used against the French and British tanks during Fall Gelb, where it was also used against buildings. As the heavier Russian tanks were encountered on the Eastern Front, however, most of the Panzerjäger Is were lost.

Technical Details

Panzerjäger I
Crew 3
  • Commander/gunner
  • Driver/radio operator
  • Loader
Physical Characteristics
Weight 6.4 t
Length 4.42 m
Width 2.06 m
Height 2.14 m
Armour (max) 14.5 mm
Speed (max) 40 km/h
Engine Maybach NL 38 TR
Net h.p. 100
Cylinders 6
Displacement 3800 cc
Primary weapon 4,7 cm Pak(t) (1)


Right side of a Panzerjäger I
Destroyed Panzerjäger I with Russian troops

Further Reading


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