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Opel Blitz


The Opel Blitz was one of the most widely used German transport vehicles of World War 2. Originally a civilian vehicle, it existed in several versions. The most well-known 3 ton 2x4 and 4x4 chassis was used for a variety of purposes, including cargo truck, tanker truck, different utility vehicles for V2-rockets, ambulance, and radio truck. A lighter 1.5 ton version also existed, as well as a half-track version, the Opel Maultier (mule).

Technical Details

  1.5 ton 3 ton, 4x4
  • Driver
  • Co-driver
Physical Characteristics
Weight 1.5 t 2.5 t
Length 5.4 m 5.95 m
Width 1.94 m 2.34 m
Height 2.29 m 3.18 m
Speed (max) 80 km/h


Camouflaged Opel Blitz.
Opel Blitz with tarpaulin cover.
Opel Blitz Ombibus in North Africa.
Opel Blitz Omnibus as field hospital.

Further Reading


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