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Pz Kpfw Maus


Although the Maus never saw combat (despite claims to the contrary), it is included here as a testament to the absurd extremities of the World War 2 arms race.

Had the Maus been build, its armour would have made it almost invincible against any tank gun of the day, but its poor mobility would have made it very difficult for it to get to the battlefield.

Two Maus prototypes were made, but only one had an actual turret.

Technical Details

Pz Kpfw Maus
Crew 6
Physical Characteristics
Weight 188 t
Length 10.9 m
Width 3.67 m
Height 3.66 m
Armour (max) 240 mm
Speed (max) 20 km/h
Primary weapon 12,8 cm Kw K 80 (L/55) (1)
Secondary weapon
  • 7,5 cm Kw K (1)
  • 7,92 mm MG 34 (1)


Rear view of a Maus.
Frontal view.
Left side.

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