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Kleines Kettenkraftrad (Sd Kfz 2)


The smallest of the German half-tracks, the kleines Kettenkraftrad (Sd Kfz 2) was designed to be a light, air-transportable tractor. It was mainly used by land forces as an all-purpose light tractor, but was also used as on airfields to tow aircrafts.

Although production ended in 1944, the kleines Kettenkraftrad was used on all fronts until the end of the war. After the war, the kleines Kettenkraftrad was used as an agricultural tractor, and production was resumed until 1949.

Technical Details

Kleines Kettenkraftrad (Sd Kfz 2)
  • Driver
  • 2 passengers
Physical Characteristics
Weight 1.56 t
Length 3 m
Width 1 m
Height 1.2 m
Speed (max) 70 km/h


Side view of a kleines Kettenkraftrad in North Africa
Kleines Kettenkraftrad, driving through mud on the Eastern Front
Kleines Kettenkraftrad in Italy

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