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Renault FT-17


The Renault FT-17 was a World War 1 tank, which saw action during World War 2 in both the French army (after being modified) and later the German army (who used it for behind-the-front duties after having captured a number of them from the French after Fall Gelb). It was also license-produced by USA (under the designation Six Ton Tank Model 1917) during World War 1 and later by Italy (under the designation Fiat 3000).

The Renault FT-17 was inteded to be replaced by the Renault R35, but lack of training forced the Renault FT-17 into service during the German invasion in 1940.

Technical Details

  Char à canon 37 Char mitrailleur FT 75 BS FT-17 modifié 31
  • Commander
  • Driver
Physical Characteristics
Length 4 m
Width 1.85 m
Height 2.1 m
Armour (max) 45 mm
Speed (max) 19 km/h
Primary weapon 37 mm SA18 (1) 8 mm machine gun (1) 75 mm howitzer (1) 7,5 mm Reibel (1)


Line of FT-17s
Line of FT-17s
Good view of the size of the FT-17
Good view of the size of the FT-17
Camouflaged Renault FT-17
Camouflaged Renault FT-17

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