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Char D2


The Char D2 was a continuation of the work on the Char D1. The Char D1 was originally intended as a light infantry tank, but evolved into a medium tank. To supplement the Char B1 heavy tank, it was decided to further modernize the Char D1 design. The resulting tank, the Char D2, featured welded armor, a much more powerful engine, and later models was equipped with a more powerful tank gun than the original 47 mm SA 34.

Because the Char D2 was the most modern tank in the French army until the arrival of the SOMUA S35, they were used extensively throughout the late thirties. As a result, many of the tanks suffered from mechanical problems. During the German invasion of France, most of the tanks were lost due to breakdowns. Nethertheless, Char D2s continued to fight until late June 1940.

Technical Details

Char D2
Crew 3
Physical Characteristics
Weight 19.75 t
Length 5.46 m
Width 2.22 m
Height 2.66 m
Armour (max) 40 mm
Speed (max) 23 km/h
Primary weapon 47 mm SA35 (1)
Secondary weapon 7,5 mm Reibel (2)


Char D2.

Further Reading


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