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Obrněný automobil OA vz. 27


The Obrněný Automobil vz. 27 was developed by Škoda, as the successor to their Škoda PA-II (Panzerwagen II), and was designated Škoda PA-III (Panzerwagen III) by Škoda. It abandoned the rounded armor plates of the PA-II to reduce the cost, and re-included a turret.

A total of 16, including a protype, were build. The prototype was manufactured in 1925, and series production started in 1927 and was completed in 1929.

The 15 OA vz. 27 were originally split between the cavalry and armored forces, but eventually, the cavalry's vehicles were handed over to the armored forces. They were used by the Czechoslovakian army against Sudetendeutsche Freikorps in 1938, and to defend Slovakia's borders after they declared their independence in 1939. The OA vz. 27 was reliable, and well-liked by its crews.

Following the German annexation, nine were captured and used by the Germans.

Technical Details

Obrněný automobil OA vz. 27
Crew 5
Physical Characteristics
Weight 6.6 t
Length 5.35 m
Width 1.95 m
Height 2.66 m
Armour (range) 3-5.5 mm
Speed (max) 35 km/h
Primary weapon 7,92 mm Schwarzlose-Janeček vz.07/12/24 (2)
Secondary weapon 7,92 mm ZB-37 (1)

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