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Lehký Tank LT vz. 38


The Lehký Tank LT vz. 38 was design by Czechoslovakia as a successor to the Lehký Tank LT vz. 35. None of the 150 ordered tanks were before Czechoslovakia was invaded by Germany in 1939.

During World War 2, the Czechoslovak factory continued the production under the name Pz Kpfw 38(t), which was later used as the basis for the Jagdpanzer 38.

A license-build version was used by the Swedish army under the name Stridsvagn m/41 S II.

Technical Details

Lehký Tank LT vz. 38
Crew 4
Physical Characteristics
Weight 9.4 t
Length 4.6 m
Width 2.12 m
Height 2.4 m
Armour (max) 50 mm
Speed (max) 42 km/h
Primary weapon 37 mm Škoda A7 (1)
Secondary weapon 7,92 mm ZB-37 (2)

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