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Lehký Tank LT vz. 35


The Lehký Tank LT vz. 35 was designed to replace the Lehký Tank LT vz. 34 in the Czechoslovakian cavalry. It was designed by Škoda during 1935, and production began in December 1936. A total of 434 LT vz. 35 were made, of which 298 were used by the Czechoslovakian army. Of the remaining vehicles, 126 were exported to Romania under the name Škoda R-2 (which was later used as a basis for the TACAM R-2 tank destroyer) and ten were exported to Bulgaria. The LT vz. 35 was being superseded by the Lehký Tank LT vz. 38 when the Škoda factory was captured by the Germans in 1939.

While the tank was modern in terms of armor and armament, its three-man crew meant that the commander had to act as both loader, gunner and commander.

When Germany annexed Czechoslovakia, 202 were captured, and put in German service under the designation Pz Kpfw 35(t).

Technical Details

Lehký Tank LT vz. 35
  • Commander/gunner/loader
  • Radio operator
  • Driver
Physical Characteristics
Weight 10.5 t
Length 4.9 m
Width 2.06 m
Height 2.37 m
Armour (max) 25 mm
Speed (max) 34 km/h
Engine Skoda Model S II a
Net h.p. 120
Cylinders 4
Displacement 8520 cc
Primary weapon 37 mm Škoda A7 (1)
Secondary weapon 7,92 mm ZB-37 (1)

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