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The Kolohousenka (wheel-track) series was designed by Joseph Vollmer, who had previously worked as a tank designer for Germany during World War 1. It was a wheel-cum-track light tank, based on the Renault FT-17, and was designed from 1923 to 1934. The intended client was primarily Czechoslovakia, but the Soviet Union and Italy also showed interest. Unlike later similar designs, such as the German Sd Kfz 254, the wheels had to be manually added and removed from the outside of the vehicle.

Three versions of the tank, the KH-50, KH-60 and KH-70, were made. The number identified the engine's horse powers. Two KH-50, two KH-60 and one KH-70 was manufacture, before the project wad abandoned.

Technical Details

Crew 2
Physical Characteristics
Weight 6.8 t
Length 4.5 m
Width 2.3 m
Height 2.53 m
Armour (range) 6-13 mm
Speed (max) 14 km/h
Primary weapon 37 mm tank gun (1)
Secondary weapon Machine gun (1)


Kolohousenka KH-50
Kolohousenka KH-50
Kolohousenka KH-60
Kolohousenka KH-60
Kolohousenka KH-70
Kolohousenka KH-70

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