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Chevrolet C15


The Chevrolet C15 series of 15-cwt (3/4 ton) trucks, used by Canada in a number of variants. A very similar version, the Ford F15, was made by Ford. The trucks had a 101 inch (2.57 m) wheelbase. The original C15 had 4x2 wheel drive, which was upgraded to 4x4 wheel drive in the C15A version. Variants included:

An armoured version, the C15TA, was also build. Many remained in service throughout the world into the fifties.

Technical Details

  C15 C15TA
  • Driver
  • Co-driver
  • Driver
  • Co-driver
  • Passengers (8)
Physical Characteristics
Weight 2.75 t 4.5 t
Length 4.32 m 4.75 m
Width 2.18 m 2.34 m
Height 2.36 m 2.31 m
Armour (max) - mm
Armour (range) - mm 6-14 mm
Speed (max) - km/h 65 km/h


Profile view of the Chevrolet C15TA
Profile view of the Chevrolet C15TA
Chevrolet C15TA with Canadian infantry
C15TA with Canadian infantry
Ambulance version of the Chevrolet C15TA
Ambulance version of the C15TA

Further Reading


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